Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VCM- Vacumm Control Machine for Food Storage

Fair Mind Trading & Distributions introduce the world #1 kitchen product first time in Bangladesh name Food Keeper for long time food storage.

VCM-FAIR Trading & Distributions
Joint Venture co. with South Korea.

Product Description
Our vacuum controlled machine is different with refrigerator, not storage in machine. Just use it in the neighborhood of 1min. then pull out the vacuumed container and store in refrigerator, normal temperature storage on appropriate place. Therefore Prevention of Food-borne Disease and Keeping fresh long time, Make reduce the food waste.

Product Feature
Type : M60 Working Voltage : AC220V Power consumption : 0.15kw Capability : 20 ℓ Products size : 390 x 524 x 563 Container size : ø312 x L293 Weight : 36 kg

Product Specification / Models
1. It can decrease the dangerous of bacteria and mildew, It living in a refrigerator. 2. The power consumption is just 200W, low power spent and time spent per 1 use time is just in 1 min. 3. It can decrease the dangerous of food poisoning by oxygenation and moisture, when you keep the food on normal temperature. And it can extend the keeping period. 4. It is different with existing Vinyl Type, it can vacuum just forming product. But Food Keeper can vacuum soup and fragile food like vegetable 5. It can controlled type of food and it offer the degree of Vacuum of the best suited, then that system keep the freshness. 6. Fast infiltration effect into the cellular tissue (just about condiment meats). 7. Comfortable by One Touch



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome- Fair Trading & Distributions

Welcome to the world of Fair Mind Trading & Distributions Pvt Ltd., a sister concern of Fair Mind Group is a renowned trading-distributions, import-export, holdings, IT and telecommunications company in Bangladesh operate their business since 1999.

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